About Bold Print Design Studio

We love what we do, and it shows.

Bold Print Design Studio is located on the Outer Banks barrier Islands off the coast of North Carolina.

We work from a studio in the lower level of our home to keep our costs down, and to be close to our children. We love what we do, and it shows. Both in our design, and in the relationships we enjoy with our many long term clients.

Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence

Partner | Operations

Scott’s the left-brain. He’ll manage your projects, provide estimates and invoices and the like.

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence

Partner | Creative

Susan’s the right-brain. She’ll oversee the design and development processes.

Bold Print Design Studio Interior

& the Team!

We’ve got a great team to back us up. Our lead developer is extremely talented, and has been working with us since 2012. Our SEO and PPC Ad Manager is a Google Certified Professional. We’ve been working with our senior server tech for nearly 15 years! We  have recently hired a few more print and web designers, and they are also talented and eager to learn.

Bold Print Design Studio is the premiere graphic design studio on the Outer Banks and beyond. Here’s why:

Years of Experience

For nearly 20 years we’ve partnered with hundreds of clients across various industries, specializing in real estate, land sales, vacation rentals and property management, retail and non-profit organizations.
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Harnessing Technology

We readily embrace and constantly invest in new technologies to improve both our design capabilities and business practices. Technology enables us to process our project flow efficiently, facilitate better communication with clients, optimize our workflow, and shorten project timelines.

Goal Oriented Design

Our project questionnaires ask the right questions to help us understand your needs. We listen carefully to your feedback and ideas throughout the entire process. We never value our design over your marketing goals. 

Full Service Capabilities

We guide your projects from concept through completion with branding, design, printing, mailing, web development and hosting, email marketing, social media and online management services.
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Lifetime Customer Service

We pride ourselves in bringing a partnership to every project. We will help you understand and utilize marketing to strengthen your business. Have a question? Just call! Your project, and every project, receives the time and attention it needs to be successful.

We're Uncommonly Fair

Upon payment, full copyright is transferred to you immediately. The files are yours, even the master files. You’ll never see surprise charges or unexplained hours on the invoice. 

Like what you see?

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