Wordpress Website Maintenance and Support

Using Bold Print Design’s WordPress Website Maintenance services will ensure that your website stays safe, up to date, and operating at peak performance.

What’s involved with monthly WordPress website updates?

Update to latest WordPress version

New upgrades of WordPress are released regularly. Monthly updates will ensure that you are operating with the most recent version of WordPress. WordPress updates will contain patches, bug fixes, enhanced features, security fixes and other improvements. Therefore it is important to keep WordPress up to date.

Identify and delete spam

If you allow comments on your site, you likely deal with a lot of spam. Spam can be malicious to your site and your visitors, while also making it a lot harder for your real visitors to interact with your site. If this is a problem, we can help you manage spam by configuring plugins to remove and block spam and manually remove any that slip by.

Broken Links

Broken links on your site can cause several issues. Most importantly it makes it harder for your site visitors to find what they’re looking for. In addition, broken links will interfere with search engines crawling and indexing your website, which can negatively affect your SEO. We can help locate and fix any broken links on your site and make sure that any broken links that might occur are fixed quickly.

Delete inactive themes and plugins

Inactive themes and plugins can be a drain on your website and provide a way for hackers to hack into the site and cause all kinds of problems. You might think an inactive plugin is not a problem, but as they go out of date and the patches are not applied, hackers can still use them to enter your site. It’s always best to remove any plugin you are not currently using. If you need it again later you can always reinstall it.

Update WordPress themes, and all plugins

The WordPress themes and plugins that are used on your site also put out updates that include fixes to vulnerabilities and improvements to their products to make it more user friendly and effective while keeping up with the ever changing internet browsers. It can happen where one plugin or theme will update and might not yet be compatible with another plugin on your site. This can cause functionality issues or layout issues that need to be resolved. To resolve this we will revert the plugin and work with the developer to provide an update to fix the compatibility problem. If necessary we can also apply a patch to fix the issue. It’s always best to resolve the issues as soon as possible rather than not update the plugin which can cause a host of problems on your site.

Check device and browser compatibility

Websites can perform differently on different browsers and devices. It might work great on a desktop computer but some functionality is lost on mobile, or the menu doesn’t work right etc. There can also be formatting and spacing issues that make a site hard to read on mobile.

It is important to periodically test your site performance on different devices and browsers to make sure that the user experience of your site is what you would like to present.

Maintenance and Support Packages

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You invested a lot of time and/or money into developing your website to be the web front of your business. Your business needs your website to be in tip top shape at all times so that your customers have a reliable place they can interact with online. If your website is slow, has broken links, functionality isn’t working correctly, or it’s getting hacked, it reflects poorly on your business and causes your customers to lose trust and confidence that you will deliver.

WordPress maintenance is a necessary process that requires several actions taken per month to keep your website optimized for peak performance and running smoothly. Not only that but an unmaintained website is all hackers need to get into your site and cause all kinds of trouble including bringing your site down and using it to spam and attack other websites, ruining your online reputation.

Using Bold Print Design’s WordPress Website Maintenance services will ensure that your website stays safe, up to date, and operating at peak performance. Please see our maintenance packages and choose which one is best for your website maintenance needs.