E-Commerce & Online Stores

Our e-commerce software includes features your customers have come to expect in online shopping.

We offer top-level web stores with all the bells & whistles of the mega-websites, at prices affordable enough for the independent shopkeeper.

For Your Customers

Making it easy and enjoyable for your customer to shop and purchase from your store is key to receiving online sales.You will not have sales people walking the aisles and helping out misguided customers. If a visitor cannot find the products they are looking to purchase, they will shop elsewhere. Our shops are designed to keep your customer browsing, finding, placing items in their cart and checking out without getting lost or frustrated.

Easy and Fun to Shop
  • Gift Certificates and Gift Wrapping Options Available.
  • “Email product to a friend” ~ Let current customers bring in new customers.
  • Sidebar Cart display items in the shopping cart while they are shopping.
  • Batch add-to-cart adds multiple products to the shopping cart at once.
  • Product Reviews – customers can add reviews to your products.
  • Registered customers can view past orders and reorder with one-click.
Quick and Easy to Check-Out
  • Check out info prefilled for registered customers
  • Streamlined One Page Checkout ~ increases conversion rates 
  • Pay by credit card, check, money order, COD, Gift Certificate, P.O., or even make payment in-store
Good Communication
  • Receive order receipt email when you please an order
  • Receive shipping confirmation email when order is shipped 
  • View current order status and track package shipments on your site eliminates “Where’s my order?” phone calls from customers.
  • Administrators can resend email receipts to customers from the admin panel

For The Shop Owner

Getting Found: Search Engine Positioning & Advanced Marketing Tools
  • Web pages indexed for all major search engines and web crawlers
  • Definable meta-tags for every category and every product
  • Custom image alt/title tags for SEO
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Ability to track keywords through keyword placement tracking
  • Product Marketing Feeds (Google Base/Froogle, Shopping.com, Price Grabber, Yahoo) Exports Supported
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for the most in-depth tracking available.
Positioning Your Products
  • Inventory management, upselling, pricing, sales discounts, specialty products.
  • Featured Products Page
  • Sale Products
  • New Arrivals Page
  • Related products, or as we like to say “Do you want fries with that?”
  • Cross-sells recommends other products to customers based on what’s currently in their shopping cart.
Specialty Products
  • Downloadable Products: Sell any type of e-good, from downloadable music to ebooks. Limit the amount of time this product can be accessed by the customer by by either days or number of downloads, or set as unlimited. 
  • Changing the order status to shipped/completed sends the download link via email to the customer.
Sales, Pricing, & Coupons
  • Unlimited Custom Coupons with Multiple Options
  • Ability to apply discounts as a percentage or dollar amount. Site wide discounts with minimum purchase requirements. (Example Save $50 on all orders $250 and above).
  • Ability to hide “add-to-cart” or hide prices until logged in, ideal for wholesalers.

For the Management Team

Managing Your Products
  • Product import and export tools
  • Products can be marked “not available”, which keeps them in your database, but does not display them in your store
  • Product Options – size, color, length, etc. 
  • Multiple product photos and “Image Zoom!” feature allows a customer to hover their mouse over the product’s main image and see a box with a very detailed close-up view of that portion of the product’s image.
Product Categories
  • Unlimited Categories and Subcategories with images and SEO-rich descriptions
  • Temporarily hide a category or subcategory from the storefront
Inventory Management
  • Full Inventory Management both globally or by individual product. Set an inventory level for each product or each option within each product.
  • Low inventory notification emails remind youwhen products are running low.
Managing Your Customers
  • Customer specific discounts – give select customers a set percentage off that they will receive with every order they place with you. Also set Free Shipping by customer.
  • Set unlimited Membership Groups with their own Price Tiers / Levels – if you have a wholesale group, or a friends and family discount, or a reduced rate for Chamber of Commerce members… this can all be configured to automatically recognize those customers and display the appropriate pricing levels. Customers and membership groups can also be flagged as “tax exempt”.
  • Searchable customer list with detailed information on how long they have been a customer and how many items they have purchased, as well as links to all previous orders.
  • Export customer order information to Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or most other databases via CSV file.
  • Import/Export Customer Wizard
  • Admin can require customers to login before they can view any components of the shopping cart – excellent for restricting product viewing to preselected wholesalers, etc.
  • Customers can only view certain categories – you can create membership levels where only certain membership groups can view certain categories.
  • Customer login may be set to required, not required, or optional, where customers can choose “Express Checkout” and skip logging in if they wish.
  • IP Blocking available
Managing Your Vendors
  • Admin can add/edit/delete vendors (also called dropshippers or manufacturers)
  • Vendor names tied to products will display in the admin order detail and packing slip templates
  • Created a dynamic list of all vendors for use on any front-end template. This list will allow customers to see only products belonging to a specific vendor.
  • Vendor Sales Report to list out each vendors total sales.
  • Vendor email functionality so that each vendor gets an email notification about only items in their order.
  • Vendor specific shipping by zipcode for real-time rate quotes on drop-shipped orders – calculate shipping based on the zip code of each Vendor. This makes shipping rates more accurate when using real time rate quotes, since the products are actually shipping from the zip codes of each Vendor.
  • Vendor Login – Each Vendor Can Manage Their Own Inventory!
  • Vendors receive an email if they are set to drop ship your merchandise letting them know you have an order for one of their products as well as stating your customers’ name and contact information, so that the vendor may drop ship their merchandise to your clients on your behalf.
  • We offer many customized reports for all aspects of managing your shop, with dynamic graphs and printable charts. Some categories of reports include:
    • Year-to-date sales
    • Sales reports by product
    • Product Cost/Profit Report
    • Vendor Sales Report
    • Number of orders broken down by current order status
    • Sales Tax Report by predefined or custom timeframes.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, the most in-depth tracking available.
  • Keyword and Advertising Report – Manages your pay-per-click keywords so you know which words are generating sales not just clicks. This information is priceless if you do any online marketing.
  • Affiliate Sales Report, Affiliate Payout Report and Affiliate Payout History Report.
Administration Area

Our easy-to-use browser-based administration panel allows you to manage your entire store anywhere you have internet access. Web based administrative capabilities allows you to manage your products, customer, categories, and any other administrative function offered from anywhere at anytime. Some management features you may use:

  • Editable Content Pages – Our stores include more than just a catalog system and checkout portal. You can also manage related custom pages, such as Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, all from within your admin panel.
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor To Manage Content Easily – You can bold, underline, change fonts quickly through this editor on the product description, product teaser, category description or any content pages.
  • Searchable Orders List, Customer List, Product List, Category List, Coupon List.
  • Set “Terms and Conditions” to be required or not required during checkout.
  • Admin/User Permissions – Can’t do it all yourself? Create unlimited users for the admin section and determine which features within the admin each user can have access to.
  • Close the Store Temporarily With a Click of a Button.
  • Direct Quickbooks Integration.
  • Dynamic Main Category List – Store template can be configured to display a list of links to the store’s main categories. This list is automatically updated when you add or remove product categories from the store.
  • Supports multiple spoken languages and configurable currency options (with symbols).
  • Customer log-in and logout for added security, with password reminder tools
  • Ability to make the credit card cvv code required during checkout – You can determine whether you wish to require the CVV2 Security Code during the checkout process, or whether you wish to leave it as an option for the customer.
  • Mod 10 Credit Card Algorithm to minimize bogus credit card numbers
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support encryption – You can use SSL to secure the checkout process, as well as the “My Account” section for your customers and administration panel with password-protected administrative access
  • Option to save/store or not save credit card information from customers.
  • If saving credit card info, you can delete any credit card through admin panel
  • Encrypted credit card numbers in MySQL database (if saving credit card data)
Shipping & Handling
  • Real-time Shipping Rate Quotes for greatest shipping accuracy – You will be able to set which rate quotes you want to display to your customers. 
  • Real time shipping rates
  • Shipping Options may be set up by:
    – Item Quantity based shipping options
    – Weight based shipping options
    – Subtotal based shipping options
  • Shipping Exempt Products
  • Shipment Tracking Support: For all orders, customers may log in and check their shipping by clicking on their tracking number. For UPS, shipment tracking is fully integrated, your customers will never leave your site and all tracking information is brought to their screen through your site.
  • Customer receives email when order is shipped
  • Optional Handling Fees
  • When using Vendor based drop shipping, you can calculate shipping based on the zip code of each Vendor. This makes shipping rates more accurate when using real time rate quotes, since the products are actually shipping from the zip codes of each Vendor.
  • Easy to use Sales Tax Wizard to configure country, state and local/county taxes
  • Choose if the tax should be calculated off of the bill-to or ship-to address
  • Ability to turn tax on or off for a specific product as well as for specific clients.

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