Blue Sky Real Estate

MLS Website Design & Development
Blue Sky Real Estate

Project Brief

Blue Sky Real Estate
Sarasota, Florida

Services Provided:
Website Design & Development
MLS/IDX Integration
Featured Property Slideshow
Properties by Category
Interactive Map Search
Quick Search Box

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Project Description

The Blue Sky Real Estate MLS/IDX website has all of the IDX bells and whistles that make this website a very powerful lead generating and MLS search tool. Such extras include a featured property slideshow, interactive map search, and a quick search box on the home page. All making it super easy to find the property you are looking for. Or you can save your search parameters and receive emails anytime a house within your parameters hits the market.

On the admin side the lead capturing tools make it easy to see what your visitors are interested in so you can follow up with suggestions and schedule a showing.

Stylistically the site makes use of cool blues to represent water, paradise and luxury of Sarasota, Florida.

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