Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland Land and Lakes, LLC

Real Estate Website Development
MOP Heartland Land and Lakes LLC
MOP Heartland Land and Lakes

Project Brief

Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland Land and Lakes, LLC
Cole Camp, Missouri

Services Provided:
Website Design & Development
Featured Property Slideshow
Properties by Category
Interactive Map Search
Light Up County Map
Website Hosting

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Project Description

This is the second iteration of their website that we developed for this Mossy Oak Properties office in Missouri. This second website has loads of extra features including the county light up map. The map lights up the county automatically when there is a property listed in that county. When the property is sold and there are no more properties in that county, the county goes dark again. Clicking on the lit up county takes you to the listing page showing all of the listings in that county.

The properties and agent information all feed down from the main Mossy Oak Properties website. So they enter the property in once at, and it feeds down to this office site. From there we can also feed it out to individual agent sites, facebook, auto-generated email newsletters, and other land listing websites.

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